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Knob function control & pedal control air graver

We offer to Your attention a new development, pneumatical control knob function control pedal in one.

We all know that almost everyone, by nature, inclined to save. Working space in the workshop and on the desktop, has an important role for a comfortable and pleasant work. Also, when buying a particular tool, each master seeks to purchase a more versatile tool that allows you to significantly expand the amount of work performed, while not everyone is willing to spend too much money, buying for similar work a few tools.

For example, based on the experience of sales, as well as reviews of the masters, not everyone is comfortable to work only with a pneumatic control knob. For example, a stone installation is more convenient to use a pneumatic control pedal, and when engraved on the gun-pneumatic control knob. But as fixators, jewelers and engravers, do not mind to have both tools, which greatly expands the possibilities in the workplace.

It is on the basis of all of the above, as well as taking into account the feedback and wishes of users of our tool, we have developed and implemented a new model of pneumatic graver . This model is universal and allows for easy reconfiguration to have two tools in one. This pnevmatic graver control knob, switchable on the pedal.

Thus, you do not need to purchase two tools separately, now all two types of control are combined in one tool.

The advantages are obvious:

  1. Saving money when buying.(instead of two sets, pneumatic control handle and pneumatic control pedal) you can buy only one, universal set.
  2. Saving of working space.
  3. Quick and easy tool change from one type of control to another.
  4. Comfort and convenience (because the hand very quickly gets used to hold one type of tool), in the case of acquiring a 2 in 1 tool, you always hold the same tool in your hands, changing only the way you control it.

Come and have a look at it!!! Below you can see the photos of the new kit, as well as a video of this kit, in which we have tried to show the advantages of this model.

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