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Handle control air graver

The tool is made of high quality medical steel 40×13 production of the USSR. All parts are polished and hardened to 50-55 Rockwell units.

The tool has a wide range of adjustments and allows you to perform a very large spectrum of work: engraving on plane, obrona engraving, cutting under a tack, Bright cut, PAVE, Fish tale, Invisible setting, mirror setting gadilam, and enables you to perform obron engraving, inlay, scream, show, Bulino, etc.

The use of pneumatically in the workplace can significantly reduce fatigue, and also eliminates the risk of blade engrave the surface and significantly increases the quality and speed of work done.

The range of piston strokes is adjustable in a very wide range, from 1500 to 25000 strokes / min, and all tool settings are on the handle pneumatically and allow you to quickly make the necessary adjustment.

The tool allows you to engrave both very thin lines (hairs) and thick lines to considerable depth in a single pass. For the operation of the tool, any compressor with the possibility of pumping 3-5 ATM is enough. and the receiver is 15-20 l. the tool is very economical in terms of air consumption, injection of 20-liter cylinder up to 8 ATM. enough for 1 hour of continuous operation of the tool.

The tool can be equipped with a handle made of plastic (textolite, ebonite) and precious wood (Caucasian walnut, birch cap, ash, maple, acacia, wenge, amboyna, bog oak). A titanium pen is available at an additional cost.

Package including: handle-pneumatic, reducer, coupling, hose, maslonapolnennye filter, hex wrench 2, spare PVC pipes, cover for Palm control.

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