The first in the engraving equipment sphere!

Diamond discs «DiamanteX»

Distinctive features over similar:

  1. Do not contain rubber in the base.
  2. Do not fill up the edge.
  3. Work plane, angle and periphery.
  4. Not “crumble.”
  5. Ideal for sharpening, straightening and polishing carbide pins, drill bits, and other carbide and high speed steel tools.
  6. The service life is 5-8 times longer than analogues.
  7. Not “floats” at local overheating.
  8. Point withstands heat up to 200 degrees.
  9. Working speed: 100-8000. Max: 15000.
  10. Available to any faction, from rough grinding to ultra fine polishing.
  11. The diamond content in each disc is 4 ct.
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